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Rangiora Vet Centre

Rangiora Vet Centre (RVC) provides pet care services and hospital care, a specialist equine clinic and 24/7 veterinary care.  Growing quickly, RVC needed better systems to manage their clinic inventory.

The Customer

Rangiora Vet Centre (RVC) has established itself as a centre of veterinary excellence by providing the highest standards of professional veterinary care from their three clinics in North Canterbury, New Zealand.

As well as busy pet care services and hospital care, the group runs a specialist equine clinic and supports the farming community with 24/7 veterinary care.

The Problem

These busy vet practices were growing rapidly and needed to implement better systems and processes to manage inventory levels.

VetLinkSQL, a veterinary practice management system by Computer Fanatics Limited, captures all sales and stock transaction data – but retail ordering had become a time-consuming, manual process with too many different products, and many inaccuracies.

The RVC management wanted to put in place an automated ordering system that would free up staff time and improve the customer experience instore.

"The daily sales and stock reporting in RPM has given us a much better handle on stock performance. This has led to time savings, less wastage, and an improved bottom line."

The Solution

The RPM cloud-based software was integrated with VetlinkSQL to display sales and stock KPIs for each practice.

The RPM consultants advised on a redesigned category structure in VetlinkSQL for a more meaningful classification of all retail and animal medicine products.

The inventory managers at each branch were trained to use an automated RPM order once a week to replenish all products from their veterinary wholesaler. This order synchronises with VetlinkSQL via a purpose-built API – making the order sending and receiving process seamless.

"By improving our visibility on the performance of each category, we have simplified our offering and made it easier for our customers, who previously had too much choice."

The Results

Since the implementation of RPM, The Rangiora Vet Centre has rationalised their product range, and optimised the amount of stock carried.

The key staff in the branches can now see results every day for each part of the business.

By moving to weekly ordering instead of reacting every day, they have reduced out-of-stocks and improved sales and profits.

Number of products stocked: Down by 14%.

Less dead stock: Reduced by $40,000.

Average transaction Value: Increased by 16%

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"Automated ordering means that we have more cash in the bank, and less dead or slow-selling stock."
Ben Davidson B.V.Sc
Director, RVC