“The whole forecasting process is a lot easier; we’ve got a better way at looking at our information. Our actual results are now automatically updated daily so we’ve got better visibility across the organisation of how we are tracking against budget & forecast. This improved accuracy and access to the milk supply information particularly for the Finance and Business Intelligence teams has certainly made things a lot more transparent. Everyone is working off the same accurate and up to date information” David Williams - Synlait Milk Supply Manager.

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Gartner Research: Customers Rate Their BI Vendors on Costs

Posted by David Tayler, 12 December 2012
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Gartner Research: Customers Rate Their BI Vendors on Costs

Gartner, one of the world’s most influential Information Technology analysts, is out with new reports about the costs of business intelligence platforms. Read the full report and see how each of 25 BI vendors performs. Gartner compared vendors on cost elements such as average implementation cost, license costs and other product attributes.

Gartner Research: Implementation Costs

Gartner Research: License and Hardware Costs


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