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The CIO who built a career on big data

Posted by Jo Milligan, 3 November 2015
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A recent article in CIO tells the story of our very own Chip Felton's career path from social worker to CIO in New York to principal consultant at Montage.

"Chip Felton is cognisant his career trajectory to CIO was not typical.

Felton, who is originally from the United States, started as a social worker, doing direct counselling work with clients, while finishing his master’s degree in social work.

He rose to senior deputy commissioner and CIO at the New York State Office of Mental Health.

Seven years ago, he moved to New Zealand and is now a principal consultant at Montage, providing business intelligence consulting services to organisations across New Zealand.

Now based in Nelson, Felton relates how this multifaceted background is a great backdrop for his current role."

Read the full article here 


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