”The efficiency gains are numerous, a key example being the ‘Monthly Project Report’. This was originally a very manual process, it required all 112 staff to stop work for half a day a month to collate the information. The information was used for reporting and planning, but there was no easy way of linking it back to previous months or using the data to look at trends. With the development of an ‘information layer’ the process is now automated, and clinicians now spend this time treating patients”. 

Canterbury District Health Board
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Coming soon - Tableau Software Version 8.0

Tableau 8.0 is a major new release that includes new capabilites for all types of customers. This new version continues to extend Tableau's ease of use, flexiblity, and analytic power. The improvements range from new visualisation types, built-in forecasting support, greater flexibility when working with sets and groups, dashboard design flexibiltiy, more data sources, and increased performance.

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