“Overall, they [projects] are better managed. We have some discipline around that.  We have all these projects and it helps us make them all work together in an organised framework.  I don’t know what would have happened if we had just carried on as we were. Outcomes wouldn’t have been met. We are still to realise the ultimate benefit, I think.”

Gordon Guthrie, CEO

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Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is the heart of an enterprise Business Intelligence. It converts data from multiple business systems into a single repository of meaningful business information.

Data Warehouse Design

Montage consultants have designed numerous data warehouses for organisations of all sizes. Our experience means we deliver a design that can be expanded incrementally while being flexible and responsive to changing business requirements. The quality of data warehouse design is pivotal. Typically, the scale of enterprise data and the scope of its use pose unique design constraints and challenges that if not addressed at the design stage will result in a dysfunctional data warehouse and the consequent failure to deliver business benefits.

Data Warehouse Engineering

Montage specialises in data warehouse development and our consultants can demonstrate real world experience in the delivery of all components of a data warehouse. This will ensure that the data warehouse is built to the highest standard delivering a robust, scalable and maintainable solution that continues to deliver business benefits.

The building of a data warehouse could be likened to undertaking a journey in which you first have to build and then subsequently modify your own vehicle. Each data warehouse is unique because it is designed and built for a specific organisation to address that organisation’s information and analysis needs. Over time those needs change and the data warehouse must change to reflect the revised business requirements. This differs from traditional software engineering, the skills and approaches of which are not appropriate for a data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Support

The unique nature of a data warehouse requires a specialised set of support and maintenance skills. Inexperience will result in inefficient and inappropriate modifications to the data warehouse. This leads to degradation in the performance, a loss of flexibility and reduced maintainability.

Montage is able to provide a team of specialists that understand the complexities inherent in a data warehouse environment. They have the proven skills and experience to augment an internal support team or deliver a complete data warehouse support solution. The provision of our experienced support staff allows your business to focus on how best to derive benefits from the data warehouse.

Data Quality Audit

The Montage Interactive Data Quality audit is designed to delve into the quality of both the data and processes within an existing data warehouse. Our Business Intelligence team is dedicated to quality and we offer our own internal quality processes to explore either in-house or external consultant data warehouses to expose areas where improvements can be made. A data quality audit combined with a business audit and followed with our real training service will identify and correct missteps in many established data warehouses.

Data Warehouse Business Audit

All projects need a direction. Business intelligence projects require a direction lead by the business. Using the Business Audit service allows a strategic alignment to occur between the focus of an organisation and the information and techniques best suited to the engineering delivery of a data warehouse. Identifying the risks to the business and determining how ready the business is to use a data warehouse is a vital component in the BI process. The business audit is the map to a successful BI implementation.



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