“The Casino has been impressed with the final discovery document and how it has been received within the organisation. We now have a clear Roadmap that everybody has bought into. The investment made in the process has saved us time and effort in the long run as we don’t have to keep having department meetings to confirm next steps as the plan is already laid out. From a CFO perspective, it means I can manage the investment, there are no surprises.”  

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Programme & Project Management

Business Intelligence Programme Management

Montage’s Business Intelligence programme management services provide clients with the confidence that their Business Intelligence investment will deliver real business benefits.

We do this in the following ways:

BI Project Management

Montage’s experienced project managers and BI project governance methodology will significantly reduce the risk of your BI projects failing to deliver business benefits. BI projects have a unique set of project governance challenges when compared to a traditional software application implementation. These mostly, but not solely, relate to the long-term nature and wide organisational involvement associated with BI projects. Because of this, traditional software development project management and governance approaches are not appropriate and the deployment of specialist BI project management skills is recommended.

BI Programme Consulting

Montage’s Business Intelligence Programme Consultancy provides the specialist skills required to successfully plan and manage an enterprise scale Business Intelligence programme. We offer the benefit of many years of Business Intelligence programme experience across a range of industry sectors and configure our consultancy to complement your internal Business Intelligence champions and implementers. Without a robust Business Intelligence programme, a number of potential pitfalls may imperil success, most commonly vendor capture and the associated loss of alignment with the business.

Montage’s experienced consultants provide impartial guidance and assistance with:

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