“Since gaining access to this data through an intuitive visualisation, we have seen tangible gains in market share,”

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The CIO who built a career on big data

A recent article in CIO tells the story of our very own Chip Felton's career path from social worker to CIO in New York to principal consultant...

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Reporting, Measurement & Analysis

The contact points between the organisation and the data warehouse are the reports and analyses that are delivered from it. The means used to present the information to the users will directly affect how well that information is used. Often the situation will arise where voluminous reports and analyses are being produced but neither used nor acted upon.

Montage provides capabilities in the design, build and presentation of KPI’s, reports, dashboards and reporting applications that can be leveraged by internal teams to ensure that the appropriate information is being delivered to the appropriate people in the most appropriate way. We can also help with the evaluation and choice of appropriate tools.

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