“Overall, they [projects] are better managed. We have some discipline around that.  We have all these projects and it helps us make them all work together in an organised framework.  I don’t know what would have happened if we had just carried on as we were. Outcomes wouldn’t have been met. We are still to realise the ultimate benefit, I think.”

Gordon Guthrie, CEO

EA Networks
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Workflow that works the way you do!

Montage Online is our market leading workflow engine that allows you to run your business your way. Our unique design allows you the flexibility to have the system configured for your business processes, exactly how you want them.

Deployed via our secure cloud, your staff, contractors or clients can access it anywhere anytime.

Simply, Montage Online is a centralised business portal that delivers:

Our solution was designed with the understanding that your business is different. We don’t prescribe to ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘best practice’. We believe in optimising your practice that will yield long term results.

Quality information is core to any business. It allows organisations to make decisions based on facts.


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