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Shaping Decision Making with Tableau Software -

Kristin School realised early on that they had a wealth of data across both internal and external databases, which could help them improve their decision making capabilities if utilised correctly.




Kristin is an independent co-educational school of approximately 1600 students, from Kindergarten to Year 13. A relatively young school, it was founded in 1973 by a small group of North Shore parents and is owned by the Kristin School Charitable Trust. The school is non-denominational and welcomes students from all cultures and backgrounds (www.kristin.school.nz).

The school has small classes and a proven record of academic excellence. The first International Baccalaureate (IB) school in New Zealand, Kristin offers the IB programme as well as the New Zealand National Curriculum to Junior, Middle and Senior School. Kristin's proud record of success as a leading IB school has allowed students to gain entry to some of the world's most prestigious universities. Kristin is committed to developing an international perspective and a sense of global awareness amongst all students.

Kristin School realised early on that they had a wealth of data across both internal and external databases, which could help them improve their decision making capabilities if utilised correctly.

The reporting of external examination results is a key area for achieving productivity gains. Director of Business Services Hock Gan wanted to streamline the process of collating data and generating reports: “We had Curriculum Managers spending a lot time collating, tabulating and graphing external exam results and presenting them to both the Heads of Faculty and the Senior School Principal. We recognised that if the tasks of tabulating data and generating graphs could be delegated, the Curriculum Managers would be able to spend more time analysing the results and improving curriculum delivery.”

There were also other opportunities to leverage data to improve decision-making throughout the school at both operational and strategic levels.



Tableau Software was brought into the business to assist in turning data into information. “We needed to use and produce visualisations that were simple and easy to understand and enable key decision-makers to discern patterns and trends quickly” Mr Gan said.

“Tableau is very intuitive, we were able to quickly train a small team of staff to generate visualisations for the end users” said Mr Gan. Following a two day intensive training, the Business Services team got down to the task of generating graphs of external examination results for Curriculum Managers across the seven Faculties.  The consistency in presentations meant that meaningful comparisons can now be made across Faculties.


Tableau has enabled Kristin School to consolidate and report information quickly and easily – the time required to download, collate and graph exam results can now be significantly reduced through Tableau.

“Feedback from the end user has been positive – they appreciate the quick turnaround from data to information.”

“As an independent school we are highly dependent on roll numbers. We use Tableau to help us identify shifts in demographic trends as a basis for targeting our marketing efforts.”


The quick-wins from Tableau have contributed to its increased adoption across the School; it has also been instrumental in fostering a data driven culture at Kristin.

“We are always looking to improve the School’s performance; we have since conducted three parent surveys (separately for the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools) over the past year. By using Tableau we are able to identify gaps in key performance areas (such as curriculum delivery, sports, pastoral care and communication) within days of survey completion and put in place action plans to address critical areas.”

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