Connected Intelligence

Every organisation has unique challenges across their data, reporting, projects and processes.

Organisations partner with Montage to gain insights and understanding from their data, improve reporting, manage projects successfully, and automate manual processes.


Success through Partnership

Montage are focused on helping New Zealand companies succeed by providing independent professional services that deliver business value from the outset.

We have proven experience in recommending and implementing successful change across Business Intelligence & Analytics, Project Management, and Business Processes.

Montage work across many industries and functions to support our clients in improving business performance. This can be achieved by reducing costs, increasing profitability, and/or improving efficiency of people and resources.

With our vast experience, we pride ourselves on getting it right from the start.

Our Practices

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence is getting the right information to the right people at the right time. At Montage, this includes BI consulting, programme and project management, data warehousing, reporting, analysis, training and support.

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  • Business Analytics

    Where Business Intelligence tends to focus on hindsight, Business Analytics seeks to develop new insights and statistical methods to help drive business performance. Explore and visualise data, uncover new insights that had not been considered. Drive report and dashboard development based on new insights.

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  • Montage PMO

    We are passionate about Project Portfolio Management and the power of PPM to connect projects to strategy.  Our goal is to help ensure you 'do the right things' (Portfolio Management) and 'do things right' (Project Management).

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Montage’s well deserved reputation is due to our experienced team. Learn more about some of Montage's key people and their experience.

Our Partners