Business Intelligence

Building the bridge between Data and Decision Making

Business Intelligence is about getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, via the right channel. Companies use Business Intelligence to improve decision making, reduce costs and identify new business opportunities, including:

  • The ability to view data from multiple sources in a single view
  • The ability to quickly see summaries of data from different places
  • The ability to see data and trends over time
  • The ability to ask “what if” questions and have answers generated based on historical data

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Our services include:

  • BI Consulting

    BI Consulting

    Follow best practice and avoid common mistakes. Areas include BI strategy, gathering requirements, business analysis and analytics.

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  • Programme Management

    Programme Management

    Our BI programme management services give you confidence that your BI investment will deliver real business benefits.

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  • Data Warehouse

    Data Warehouse

    Combines data from multiple sources into meaningful business information: your single source of truth.

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  • BI as a Service

    BI as a Service

    Our fully managed cloud BI service: we host and transform your data into insights, which you can access anytime.

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  • 1: Data Layer

    1: Data Layer

    The Data Layer is understanding your source systems, how they relate, and drawing up the steps to integrate the data.

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  • 2: Information Layer

    2: Information Layer

    The Information Layer is the transformation of your data through defined business rules into a single source of truth, ready for analysis.

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  • 3: Delivery Layer

    3: Delivery Layer

    The Delivery Layer is actionable information delivered to your users through dashboards, reports and analysis.

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  • Training & Support

    Training & Support

    Train your staff effectively and mitigate risks with Montage's Training offerings.

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Business Intelligence reporting

The Montage BI framework

Every Montage BI solution uses our BI framework as its basis. This framework encompasses how Montage Lead, Enable and Support our clients throughout any BI initiative, and also details the key elements of BI:

Montage BI Framework

Using the framework, Montage designs and delivers solutions that address the strategic and operational Business Intelligence requirements of an organisation.

Montage’s approach for Business Intelligence is based on delivering high impact results to the client.  Our approach focuses on a mutual discovering process which gives both the client and Montage a common

  • understanding of business intelligence concepts and approach
  • understanding current v future state or the organisation’s reporting, analytics or business activity management requirements.

Montage's ‘Lead, Enable, and Support’ approach to Business Intelligence is the concept of Montage leading in the initial stages, and then enable the client to take over more capabilities as the project progresses and, lastly, supporting the client throughout the life of the solution, a true partnership approach.

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Reduce Costs and Boost Efficiency: A Guide for NZ Leaders

How using Business Intelligence and analytics can help.

Economic pressures are forcing NZ organisations to find new ways to do more with less. Many are overlooking the hidden potential within their own data. This whitepaper shows how Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics can unlock cost savings, streamline operations and drive smarter decision-making.

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Business Intelligence Products we partner with:

  • WhereScape


    Reduce delivery time, effort, cost and risk of new projects, and be better positioned for future business change.

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  • Microsoft


    As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Montage use core Microsoft products including SQL Server, Azure and Power BI.

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  • Tableau


    Montage are New Zealand's most experienced Tableau partner. Tableau is interactive data analysis made easy.

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  • Power BI

    Power BI

    Power BI is a business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions.

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“Collaborating data from multiple disparate sources is always a challenge, and we had to be certain that the final result was totally accurate and reliable. The only way to do that is to test it all, section by section. It took a long time, but the end result was worth the effort.”
Peter Jenks
Business Intelligence Architect, Silver Fern Farms