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Data Governance Whitepaper - Part 1

Posted by Padi Nistala, 17 December 2012
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With  so  much  talk  and  focus  on  Data  Governance  do  you  find  yourselves  asking these questions -What is it? What should I do about it? How does it apply? How
will  it  affect  my  world  at  work,  my  team,  my  unit,  my  organisation,  all  the processes,  systems  and  technology  within  it?  What  is  the  benefit?  Will  I  see  it?
And on goes the list...

With  this  2  part  white  paper  I  would  like  to  introduce  you  first  to  what  Data Governance is all about and why is it essential and, secondly the framework and implementation methodology.

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