Bringing new levels of visibility and control to project, programme and portfolio management.

Whatever size your business, however many projects you are delivering, KeyedIn Projects can help you increase the chances of success, reduce and manage risk across the entire project portfolio and keep costs under close control.

  • format_line_spacing Portfolio Planning

    Intuitive project selection capabilities guide users to strategically prioritise, plan, and control project portfolios.

  • find_in_page Executive Visibility

    Maintain a clear view of the bigger picture and, where necessary, drill down into the detail.

  • tune Resource Allocation

    Align resource demand and capability, ensure  resources are fully utilised to deliver projects at the right-time.

  • insert_chart Reporting

    KeyedIn provides out-the-box reports, configurable dashboards and an inbuilt custom report writer.


KeyedIn Projects is designed to offer the very best of both worlds – strategy-led and execution-led. It is a fully integrated suite of business applications that accelerates everyday tasks such as project planning, budget management, task allocation and scheduling, but simultaneously delivers the rich management information needed to support effective programme and portfolio management.

It works across the entire project lifecycle, helping you to select and prioritise projects across the entire organisation based on your resource capability and financial constraints. This results in enhanced reporting, increased responsiveness and a richer understanding of the potential consequences of every change in project scope.

Highly scalable and available as Software as a Service (SaaS) for rapid deployment, KeyedIn Projects will bring new levels of visibility and control to your project, programme and portfolio management.

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