"By using Tableau we are able to identify gaps in key performance areas (such as curriculum delivery, sports, pastoral care and communication) within days of survey completion and put in place action plans to address critical areas.”

Kristin School
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Tableau in Health

Montage and Tableau in Health in New Zealand

"Montage has strategically focused on the heath sector and we have built a team with significant experience having worked within the primary, secondary and tertiary health sectors in New Zealand and abroad." Tony Millar, Managing Director, Montage


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New Zealand Population and Deprivation Analysis


Montage has worked with;

“The final result was more than we could have imagined, Montage had a free reign, we trusted their capability and they developed a solution that delivered desired results by bringing valuable insights from the first iteration. The dashboards have provided insights that previously were not considered, we are really just starting to see what is possible.”

Donald Hudson, Business & Clinical Intelligence Leader. Nelson & Marlborough District Health Board

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