Microsoft Fabric

Use AI to power your data analytics.  A Microsoft unified experience that helps reduce the cost and effort of data integration, governance, and security.

microsoft fabric

Montage is a Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner

We provide our clients with:

  • Impartial Advice - our only agenda is to ensure you succeed. If we don’t think you need something, we are free to tell you. If we think you need something, we will explain why.
  • Local Expertise - we can provide the technical expertise to guide a purchase decision as well as real implementation experience and industry knowledge to help you create a comprehensive solution.
  • Local Presence - we're Christchurch and Nelson based and regularly travel to support clients regardless of location in New Zealand.
  • No Pressure - purchase when you're ready. We don't have quotas or quarterly targets, so we won't pressure you into a purchase.

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric promises to reshape how everyone accesses, manages, and acts on data with a single, AI-powered platform that integrates across your existing Microsoft tools.

We are excited to see the capabilities and potential it is already demonstrating and believe this tool will be a valuable addition for many organisations who are already using Microsoft 365, Azure and Power BI.

This tool is ideal for those dealing with growing amounts of data, more business applications, and additional external data sources, and who need to prepare their data for reporting in a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable manner.

Those who are keen to future-proof their existing investments in BI by adopting a cloud information layer (data lake, data warehouse) will also be considering this.

Microsoft Fabric Advantages

  • Familiar user interface: users familiar with Power BI will like Microsoft Fabric's familiar interface, making the learning curve of adoption much easier
  • Easy data import: users find it easy to import existing Power BI queries into Fabric, making the switch smoother for those already familiar with Microsoft tools
  • Flexible and grows with you: whether you're a small business or a large company, Microsoft Fabric’s design is suitable. As a cloud-based tool it is also easy to scale up (or down) as your business and data needs change
  • Unified analytics platform: Microsoft Fabric consolidates various analytics and data management tools into one interface, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency across data pipelines and analytics processes.

Although Microsoft Fabric is still being developed, we believe it won’t be long before this is the market leader in this space. 

As with many emergent tools, there are certain risks and limitations for organisations wishing to adopt it early. 

At Montage, we've already gained hands-on experience implementing Fabric, developing methodologies and a pragmatic approach to help you navigate the early adoption phase safely and effectively. 

Let us guide you through a well-prepared implementation process, ensuring you maximize the benefits while mitigating potential risks.