Power BI Training

This two-day course will provide participants with the conceptual background and hands-on experience needed to create effective data visualisations using Microsoft Power BI. The course will cover Power BI's rich features for data preparation and transformation; for creating data visualisations, interactive reports and dashboards; and for sharing Power BI content within and outside your organisation.

Power BI has two components that work together - Power BI Desktop and the cloud-based Power BI Pro service. This course will provide you with the core skills needed to use both components effectively.

See below for more details, or download our Power BI Training: Fundamentals overview here.

Course Overview

Duration:  Two days, instructor lead training with a mixture of theory, hands on exercises and discussion.

Prerequisites:  No prior knowledge of Microsoft Power BI required.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction: What is Power BI?
    • Power BI Desktop
    • Power BI Pro Service
  • Power BI Building Blocks
  • Data Preparation in Power BI
    • Connecting to Data
    • Using multiple Data Sources
    • Power BI Query Editor
    • Data Modelling
  • Visualisations
    • Types of Visualisations
    • Fields, Format and Analytics
    • Filtering and Slicing
    • Drill Down and Drill Through
  • Calculations
    • Introduction to DAX
    • Calculated Columns and Measures
    • Common Calculations
  • Parameters
    • What are Parameters?
    • When to use them
  • Power BI Pro Service
    • Power BI Pro Service interface
    • My Workspace
    • View, edit, create Reports
    • Natural Language Queries
    • Quick Insights
    • Sharing and Security


Please contact us for a quote for on-site training for 4+ people, or to let us know you're interested in attending a public course.