BI as a Service

With Montage's ‘Business Intelligence as a Service’ (BIaaS), we turn your data into insights and information on your behalf.

  • timer Timely Information

    • Access to information, delivered on time, in the best way for your people.
  • assessment Consolidated View

    • View data and relationships from multiple systems in a single view.
  • trending_up Trends

    • See and explore trends, outliers, and top/bottom performing areas.
  • find_in_page Stay Focused

    • Retain focus on your core business without requiring additional IT or BI staff.
  • help Be Proactive

    • Ask “what if” questions, with answers based on historical data.
  • cloud_queue Cloud Hosted

    Secure, reliable, with web and mobile access.

Self Check: "Is my business a good candidate for BIaaS?"

Do you:

  • Collect plenty of data, but could be using it more effectively?
  • Want and need to make decisions based on facts, not gut feel?
  • Have an IT team working on other projects, and/or aren't BI experts?
  • Want increased speed - insights and answers in weeks, rather than years?
  • Prefer to partner with experts, rather than manage an internal BI team?
  • Like cost certainty and demonstrable ROI?

If you answer yes to some or all of these, contact us for more information.


BIaaS provides Service & Certainty:

  • Access to a dedicated team of BI experts to create, manage and enhance your BI solution.
  • Your solution is built on the Microsoft platform and is fully hosted for security and reliability.
  • Additional content is delivered through our repeatable mini-project model.
  • The service is offered for a monthly fee.

The Process

1.  We connect to the data sources you have – such as your CRM, Finance, Manufacturing, and Sales systems

2.  We transform and clean the data, define relationships, and store it in a Microsoft Azure cloud data warehouse.

3.  We create and share reports and dashboards with you, that stay secure and up to date automatically. We can use Tableau or Power BI – you choose.

4.  You can access and interact with these reports and dashboards from the web, including mobile phones/tablets.


Montage have worked with hundreds of small & medium cloud BI customers. RPM has over 15 years of cloud BI experience, which Montage acquired in 2015 to further develop our BI services in the cloud.

We have grown our cloud footprint since then, and continually invest in developing the service both from a customer experience and from a technology perspective.

Our Approach

For each content area, such as Finance, Sales or Inventory reporting, we complete mini-projects using an iterative approach:

To create and capture your IP within the Data Warehouse, the above process will build your subject areas using your source system(s), your business rules and your business logic. In our BI framework, we refer to this as the data ETL process, or Information Layer.

For best results, we will need to access ‘owners’ for each subject area e.g. Sales, Finance, Inventory.


Pricing consists of a monthly hosting fee, and a project cost for each content area.

Once you have all the content areas and reports set up, you’ll only need to continue to pay the monthly hosting fee to access your data, reports and dashboards.

The cost to develop new content/subject areas will be one off costs and will each be scoped and priced based on a High-Level Design. A High-Level Design process normally requires 2 - 4 days to complete, depending on the number of data sources and complexity of requirements.


For more information, Email us: or Call us: 0800 666 824 (0800 MONTAGE)