Data Literacy

Data Literacy

Being able to read, write, manage, analyse and communicate with data is now essential for every role in every organisation.

In our personal and professional lives we are exposed to and are amassing more data than ever before. We wear smart watches, use smartphones, order shopping via voice assistants and drive cars that generate, store, use and share data. 

There is a growing gap between the explosion of data, growth of applications, the influence of data in our lives and our ability to interpret and make sense of it.

Organisations have invested in digital transformations, deep customer analysis, business intelligence and analytics to better solve customer needs, improve their products and services and to make decisions based on facts. One of the leading critical success factors to realising the benefits and ROI in these investments is the data literacy of the workforce.

Montage is proud to offer our Data Literacy programme. We believe that learning that is based on your role using real-world examples is critical.

The Data Literacy programme is the fusion of your organisational context combined with our experience and knowledge of data, information, intelligence and analytics.

To find out about the programme and the value it will bring please book a 30 minute or 1-hour ‘Introduction to Data Literacy’ session with our Practice Lead – Duncan Turner. At the end of this session you will understand why Data Literacy is important, the problems solved and opportunities created by introducing a data literacy programme and how to create an effective data literacy programme, including leaving you a data literacy model and framework pack.