Increase the effectiveness of your business intelligence tools


Buying software is only one step in making the most of your data.  Train your team to use the solutions effectively, ensuring they can extract the maximum value from your organisation's data. 

Montage is recognised for providing practical, hands-on training for users of Business Intelligence tools for New Zealand organisations.

Choose from group training, in-house or fully customised. 

Key Training Programs:

  1. Power BI: learn how to connect data and create, then share insightful Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards that lead to actionable outcomes   
  2. Tableau: certified Tableau training for all levels to help you effectively see and understand your data
  3.  Visual Analytics: learn visual analytics and best practices to create easily understandable and actionable insights using Tableau
  4. WhereScape RED: gain in-depth knowledge of WhereScape's data warehouse automation software to optimise your data management processes  
  5. BI / Reporting: training using other tools such as SSRS and SQL. Email for more information


Our training programs are designed to deliver tangible results for your organisation. We focus on practical, hands-on exercises that enable your staff to apply their newly acquired skills immediately in their work, using real challenges. 

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are highly experienced BI and analytics professionals with a deep understanding of the latest BI tools and technologies. They are committed to delivering engaging and effective training sessions that empower your team to succeed.

Ongoing Support 

Montage also offers ongoing support and guidance beyond the initial training. Ask about our mentoring to ensure your team continues to learn and grow in their roles.

"I … received some verbal positive feedback from the finance team…. Nobody offered any improvements, so I think you've pretty much nailed it." “...everyone expressed how much they enjoyed the training and are looking forward to playing around with the visuals.”

  • looks_one Power BI

    Learn to connect to data and create and share insightful Power BI reports and dashboards quickly.

  • looks_two Tableau

    Receive certified Tableau training for Prep, Desktop I, II & III, and Server from NZ's most experienced Tableau partner.

  • looks_4 Visual Analytics

    Learn visual best practice. i.e. Insights that are easy to understand and use.

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In addition to above, Montage can also train your staff on other BI/reporting tools such as SSRS and SQL. Let us know how we can help!

Whilst we do have standard training programmes to ensure all content is covered within suitable time frames, we can also customise to suit your particular requirements.

Typically, training takes between 1 - 5 days. We recommend this is followed by periodic mentoring, where we come back on site to discuss progress, implementation of new ideas and discuss any gaps or questions.

Please contact Montage to discuss the training options that are suitable to your business.

Tableau, Power BI, WhereScape training