Discovery Framework: Unleashing the Power of Data

In today's data-driven world, organisations are constantly seeking ways to harness the full potential of their data. Business Intelligence (BI) plays a pivotal role in transforming raw data into actionable insights.

Before the start of any relationship, Montage believes it's important to undertake a BI Discovery. This is a structured approach to unlocking the potential of your data and enabling your organisation to maximise its value.

Working together, out team will help you identify:

  1. Current State: We thoroughly evaluate the applications, data sources, and databases that constitute your current data landscape. We also benchmark your people and process capability and maturity, This part of the process helps to find what's working well and uncovers the frustrations and gaps experienced by users
  2. Future State: We engage with your team to understand their expectations and desires about what an ideal future BI landscape would look like. This step lays the groundwork for understanding the goals of the transformation journey
  3. Business Context: During the Discovery workshops, we uncover metrics, rules, and business logic that will become integral components of your solution. These insights are an incredibly valuable output of the discovery process. We also benchmark your people capability which informs recommendations about training, coaching, mentoring and hiring plans within the BI roadmap
  4. BI Roadmap: We collaboratively build your BI roadmap which balances the priorities identified with the activities required to mature your capabilities, whilst delivering valuable content to your organisation and stakeholders

Discovery Benefits

Bringing together people, processes and technology delivers ongoing benefits and a positive return on investment. The key benefits of the Discovery are:

  • Introducing a common framework around Business Intelligence to standardise language and ensure effective communication between stakeholders
  • Key stakeholders understand the "current state” of Business Intelligence within the organisation (people, process and technology) and ‘gets everyone on the same page’
  • Clarity and shared objectives, with key stakeholders understanding and agreeing what the "future state” of Business Intelligence will become within the organisation 
  • Unifying BI roadmap which outlines the key activities to mature capability and deliver meaningful results as part of a sustainable programme

Why Discovery is Vital

Some of the reasons why we believe a Discovery is so important for our clients:

  • Avoids project failure and budget over-run: poor planning is a major factor in 33% of failed projects. Insufficient up-front planning can lead to cost overruns, with an average of 27% of projects going over budget (Project Management Institute)
  • Change management: Harvard Business Review reports that 70% of organisational changes fail due to a lack of proper change management.  Effective up-front planning includes change management strategies, which are essential for technology programs
  • Risk mitigation: Adequate planning enables organisations to identify and manage risks effectively; unplanned risks can lead to project failure. According to a PwC survey, 97% of organizations believe project risk management is essential to project success

We want your organisation to get the maximum value from your Business Intelligence (B.I.).

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